Mission Statement

The mission of Camp Valor Outdoors is to recognize and honor our wounded veterans and their families with the opportunity to participate in competitive outdoor activities with dignity and respect while empowering them with the skills and motivation to overcome their injuries.


Camp Valor Outdoors seeks to recognize and honor ill, injured, and wounded disabled veterans (active duty case by case) and their families through adaptive and competitive activities such as guided fishing, hunting, shooting, archery, 4-wheeling, or just simply relaxing around the campfire. All branches of the military services, from any generation, are welcome at Camp Valor Outdoors. We understand the hurdles that veterans and their families face after military service, particularly with injuries and illnesses. Warriors are never alone on the battlefield and shouldn't be alone when they come back home. Healing in the great outdoors with Camp Valor Outdoors and reconnecting with fellow warriors is therapeutic. 


Our mantra is One Team - One Fight!


Camp Valor Outdoors began with one retired Marine who simply wanted to make a difference in the lives of warriors and reduce the veteran suicide rate. That one person has grown to an organization with hundreds of volunteers, none of which are getting paid. In addition to the many hunting and fishing events, Camp Valor Outdoors rolled out a Competitive Shooting Team that participates in local, state, regional and national level high-power competitions. We plan to grow into other shooting sports such as pistol and 3-gun.


Most events consist of one guide for every warrior. The guide will show and teach the warrior the intricacies of that event so the warrior leaves with the knowledge base and the motivation to get out and try it again with another battle buddy or family member. We take all safety precautions before and during, as well as provide all of the equipment necessary to be successful at our events. Warriors who are more experienced, avid outdoorsmen, who want to get involved, are encouraged to volunteer as a guide.


Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we can host these events at no cost to the warriors. We have an active fundraising program to allow these expenses to be covered for military participants. We cover airfare, lodging, meals, permits and licenses, as well as provide all of the necessary equipment for said event.


We have no paid staff at Camp Valor Outdoors. All of our events are put together and hosted by volunteers. That means that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to supporting our mission and our warriors.


Want to make a difference in the lives of ill, injured, and wounded warriors and their families? Become a part of Camp Valor Outdoors and help us honor those that have sacrificed so much for this great nation, and know that we are making a difference!!!


Our Vision

Camp Valor Outdoors offers the following facilities and services FREE to wounded veterans and their families:

  • ADA accessible facility for lodging or a meeting house
  • Adaptive sports and activities include:
    • Guided Hunts: deer, duck, elk, goose, dove, pheasant and turkey
    • Guided Fishing: bass, crappie, catfish, trout
    • Shooting Sports: high-power, shotgun, pistol and Para-Olympic
    • Skills Training: archery, muzzleloader, rifle, pistol and shotgun
    • Exploring the outdoors on nature walks and riding ATVs
    • Wildlife watching and photography
    • Relaxing next to our campfire or in the 16 foot heated swim spa

Camp Valor Outdoors is a registered non-profit in the following markets:

  • IRS
  • Missouri Non-Profit Corporation
  • 501(c)3

**Declaration letters can be provided upon request**



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