Competitive Shooting Program

Camp Valor Outdoors has a competitive shooting program that provides a therapeutic environment while learning fundamental marksmanship. Our competitive shooting program started with service rifle in 2015 and has expanded to include conventional bulls-eye pistol. We hope to add other shooting disciplines such as 3-gun, shotgun, F-Class, small bore, archery, Bianchi, IPSC, Running target, action shooting, Bench rest, air rifle soon, and more. 

Warriors have the opportunity to shoot at local shooting clubs and learn the fundamentals from instructor/competitors in their area. Regional and State competitions are available for the continued development of shooting skills with clinics provided as a refresher as well as to continue learning advanced shooting techniques. 

Team selections for National level competition will be determined based on State and Regional participation which will comprise a team of 12-15 competitors. 

Our instructor/competitors have all demonstrated a high level of skill from a background of competitive shooting, some from various military shooting teams and have achieved Rifle/Pistol Distinguished badges. Locations of our instructor and competitors are limited geographically, but we strive to reach out to new warriors desiring to come out to the firing line to learn about competitive shooting wherever they may live. 

Any ill, injured, or wounded disabled veteran (active duty case by case) interested in becoming a part of our team may contact Competitive Shooting Sports Program Director Dan Duitsman at

CVO Shooting Team in action

The greatest moments across the country.

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