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Dan Duitsman

Shooting Sports Program Director

Dan Duitsman has served 3 years in the Army National Guard and 17 years in the Marine Corps before he was medically seperated.  During this time, he served with Marine Corps Security Force company, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, 1st intelligence Battalion, 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, and Weapons Training Battalion.  His billets include serving as a designated marksman, infatry squad leader, infantry unit leader, marksmanship coach, small arms marksmanship instructor, marksmanship program manager, and Marine Corps shooting teams Instructor/Competitor.

While serving with the shooting team, he has attended and competed in numerous local, state, regional, and National Rifle Championship matches. Dan now uses his experience to instruct and coach veterans on competitive shooting as a means of therapy for our warriors with Camp Valor Outdoors.  His shooting accolades include: 

- Distinguished Rifleman 2001

- Ten National High Power Rifle Individual Championships

- Eight National High power Rifle Team Championships

- Four National Records (Three individual and one team)

- Seven State High Power Rifle Individual Championships

- Two Regional High Power Rifle Championship

Mick Glancey

Pistol Team, Head Coach

Mick spent 35 years in the Navy (1981 – 2016) and has been working with Camp Valor Outdoors since early 2017.

Mick started out by enlisting in the Navy as an Electronic Warfare (EW) Operator on the USS BRISCOE participated in the Grenada Campaign in 1983. He also deployed on the USS ESTOCIN and conducted operations in the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq War in1985.  He was then selected as Chief Petty Officer and Instructed EW Maintenance at NTTC Corry Station Pensacola, Fl 1987-1991.  Mick's next command was the EW Supervisor on the USS BENJAMIN STODDERT and USS REUBEN JAMES where he conducted operations in the Western Pacific in 1993.

Mick earned his Bachelor of Science degree from University of NY while attending night school and received his commission as an Ensign in the Limited Duty Officer program as an Operations Technician in 1994.  In 1995 he was the Tomahawk Strike Officer and Combat Information Center Officer aboard the USS MISSISSIPPI and conducted Strike Operations into Bosnia.  In 1997 he became the Tactical Training Instructor at Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic. 

Mick volunteered for Individual Augmentee (IA) tour to Fallujah, Iraq April 2006-March 2007 serving as Electronic Warfare Officer for I MEF (Forward) and conducted security patrols throughout Al Anbar Province and teaching Marines how to employ Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) equipment, earned Bronze Star and second combat Action ribbon.  He was later the Combat Systems Officer aboard Super Carrier USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER and conducted operations in Persian Gulf and anti-piracy operations off Somalia 2010-2012.

As a collateral duty, Mick shot as a competitor with the US Navy Marksmanship Team (USNMT) since 1995.  He served as the Match Director for the Atlantic Fleet matches from 2003-2006 and became the first USNMT Officer in Charge in 2007 and continued to serve until retirement in November 2016. He earned the Navy Distinguished Rifle Marksman Badge in 2003 and the Navy Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge in 2004.  He has also placed in the Presidents 100 for Rifle in 2003 and Presidents 100 for Pistol in 2017.

Dwayne Lewis

Shooting Sports Instructor / Competitor

Dwayne Lewis has served 29 years collectively in the Army and Army Reserve.  During this time, he served as an infantryman and held several collateral duties to include a competitive shooting team member with Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), Army Reserve shooting team member, a chief small arms weapons instructor, and sniper instructor.

Throughout Dwayne’s career, he has helped instruct and train over 15,000 soldiers in firearms related training.  He has also developed training techniques, programs of instructions, and implemented the use of various new technologies in support of firearms training.

As a competitive shooter with AMU and the reserve shooting team, Dwayne has also assisted in the coaching and training of more than 20 junior air rifle clinics and even more clinics working with disabled veterans.  Dwayne has competed and received the President’s 100-tab, distinguished rifleman’s badge, and distinguished pistol shot badge.  His accolades also include being a team member of several winning team matches with AMU, the Army reserve shooting team, and Camp Valor Outdoors.  He now uses his many years of experience with the Army to train and coach disabled veterans throughout the country.

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